The Benefits of Developing a New Hobby

Three Tips For Beginning RC Users

by Lewis Rhodes

If you've just gotten your first remote-controlled truck or car, you're in for lots of fun. However, learning to use the toy safely can take some time. While some RC toys are simple to operate, others require more control. There are also some basic safety issues you have to consider. Here are three tips to make your new hobby a long-lasting one.

Battery Charging

When charging the RC toy, do not leave it unattended and do not charge it overnight when you're asleep. Do not place the toy or any related charging item on a flammable surface when charging. In 2015, Valley News Live in South Fargo, North Dakota, reported on a motel fire that was started by an overheating charger for an RC car. Monitor the charging process and unplug the charger if you smell anything weird, see smoke, see the charger or battery bulging, or any other odd things. It's not uncommon for chargers to become warm during charging, of course, but if there seems to be excessive heat, unplug the charger and contact the company to find out what to do.

Create a Course

Treat learning to use RC toys like riding a bike or learning to catch: Create a safe space in which you can learn all the tricks and the controls. The space can be indoors or outdoors, but it should have definite boundaries so you don't accidentally wedge the RC toy under a piece of furniture or have it travel into the path of people walking around. Make the initial area as flat as possible and gradually change the terrain to practice using the toy on hills, unpaved surfaces, rough surfaces like carpets, and so on.

Keep Pets Away

Until you've been using the RC vehicle for a while, keep pets away. Many pets, especially dogs, love to chase RC toys (in fact, there are lines of RC toys shaped like animals and other items made specifically for pets). However, you don't need a pet rampaging through your home to catch the toy while you're still learning different maneuvers. The pet can also damage the toy if it manages to bite down on the toy. You also don't want the pet eating the remote or any of the batteries.

If you have any other questions about using RC toys, contact a shop like Superior Hobbies and the manufacturer's customer service line. They will all want you to really enjoy what you're doing and will give you some great pointers on using the toy.