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Simulating a Cabin Style in Your City Home or Apartment

by Lewis Rhodes

You love living in the big city but miss the more natural look of your cabin or your old home in the country. Never fear: there are many great ways that you can decorate your city-based home or apartment to make it feel more like a cabin.

Faux Wood Is a Great Option

False wood or "faux bois" is a powerful way to make your home appear more like a cabin. It simulates a natural style and helps make you feel more at home. There are a variety of faux-wood items, such as wood paneling, furniture pieces, or even decorative items like hat racks or end tables.

Many of these items are built out of concrete that looks like wood, making them sturdy enough for a variety of decorative uses. For example, a faux-wood concrete bucket can better withstand the elements as an outdoor decorative item better than a similar real-wood item.

Hunting and Fishing Decorations Create a Rustic Atmosphere

Cabins are often a place where people stay when they are hunting or fishing. Decorate your city-based home or apartment with hunting or fishing apparel to make it feel more like a cabin. For example, you can hang fishing rods in various spots in your home or hang decorative animal heads, if you own any.

Sporting decorations, such as humorous signs about hunting, can also be useful here. There are literally thousands of potential ideas here, such as using old rifle barrels as a decorative hand rail or even spent bullet shells as handles for cupboards.

Natural Paintings Add a Peaceful Atmosphere

Various studies have found that spending time in nature is a great way to feel better both mentally and physically. If your home is in the city, and you're far from nature, hanging a few natural paintings in your home can help simulate some of these benefits. It can also help provide you with inspiration and creativity in the comfort of your home.

When hanging art in your home, make sure it is level and not too cluttered on your walls. One or two painting per wall per room is more than enough. Adding too many paintings can create a stifling atmosphere in your home or apartment that can ruin the effect of your cabin decor.

By following these simple steps, you can make your city home look more like a cabin in no time. Beyond these simple suggestions are more complex ones, such as adding wood panels to the exterior of your home. The choices are only limited by your imagination.