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4 Ways to Personalize Note Cards

by Lewis Rhodes

Note cards can come in handy quite often. You can use them to make your grocery lists, to place reminders around the house for other family members, and even to remind yourself of things you need to do at your desk each day. Personalized note cards make the experience of using note cards even more special. You can personalize cards for yourself or for a friend.

Here are some ideas to help you make your note cards unique and creative.

Add the person's initials

While you could put the person's entire name on the note card, this would take up a lot of space. Initials indicate whose note card it is without taking up as much room. You can have the initials stylized in a font that matches that person's personality. For example, for a really feminine person, you could have the initials printed in a frilly, cursive font. For a manly man, you could use block lettering.

Include a small symbol from an activity they love

Think about the person who you're having the note card printed for. What are their favorite hobbies and pastimes? Have a symbol related to their favorite hobby added to the personalized note card. For example, if they are a basketball player, you could have tiny basketballs printed in the corners of the card. If they love butterflies, have a butterfly printed at the bottom of each card.

Choose a special color

Note cards do not have to be white. If the person you're personalizing the cards for has a favorite color, have the notes made in that color! Just make sure it's a light shade so that pen shows up well. If your recipient likes a darker color, you could instead have white note cards made, but add a line or band of the darker color along the bottom or top as an accent.

Have the cards made in a unique shape

Some companies that make personalized note cards also let you choose the size and shape of the cards. You could have them shaped like flowers for someone who loves flowers, or like footballs for a person who likes football. Simpler shapes tend to be better.

Hopefully, you now have some better ideas as to how you can personalize note cards. A stack of personalized note cards will come in handy time and time again, and it is always nice to look at notes that cheer you up.